Enterprise E-Commerce.

Say what you want and we'll make it happen. Your e-commerce system will be designed to work with any system you want.

We are dealing with all infrastructure, security, maintenance and update processes on a daily basis starting from the establishment of your e-commerce system so that you can easily deal with your business and your customers. Unlike most agencies, we guarantee that we will be here for you after setup too.

Large scale e-commerce sites have different needs than regular sites and our Enterprise E-Commerce service has been specially designed to meet you with these needs.

High Availability.
Our Enterprise E-Commerce platform uses Google Cloud infrastructure and each site is hosted on multiple servers at different points, which are automatically managed independently.

Many of the big catalogs or high traffic sites have difficulties in searching. With our Elasticsearch integration, your product, customer or order search will be faster than ever. Your customers will not be bored when searching, and you will quickly find the information you are looking for.
Scalable Infrastructure.
If your site gets a lot of traffic or you run promotional campaigns, it is difficult to predict traffic increases. Our infrastructure is scaled for traffic to your site and additional resources are automatically allocated.
Your e-commerce site can be safely integrated into your existing workflow, crm, accounting or other systems according to your request. If you are not using such a system, we can set up a workflow or crm system for you and connect it directly to your e-commerce system.
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